Play and shape the live together!

"Wathan Games" transforms each game into a special moment of connection between streamers and viewers, strengthening the community spirit with each game session.

Ready to dive into "Year 4815", the first chapter of "Wathan Games"?

Launch into a quiz where your community has the right to backseat you, helping you progress towards success.

Join forces and strategize to dominate the global leaderboard and win rewards.

Play with your community!

Year4815 is a multiplayer quiz. Don't know the answer? Your community might have it.

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6 categories

Choose from six categories of questions to test your knowledge.
Video Games

5 artifacts

Use them strategically to overcome challenges.
PshhtFills a gauge
ShieldProvides protection against a wrong answer
ZukouDoubles the points earned on the next question
WarningOffers 2 wrong answers instead of 3
EasyThe next question is easier than expected

+ More DLCs coming soon!